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Re: DIY O2 (Lambda) gas analyser

To: "Rick Lindsay" <>
Subject: Re: DIY O2 (Lambda) gas analyser
From: "Brent Schwartz" <>
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 19:50:28 -0500
I've been using a vacuum gauge for many years.
Nothing I have found works as well for so
little money.


Rick Lindsay wrote:

> Menno writes,
> > Dear List,
> > <SNIP>
> + I tune with a vacuum gauge attached  to the intake
>    manifold (not the vacuum advance port on the carb
>    as that is a modulated vacuum).  This is an idle-only
>    setting but as discussed above, that setting influences
>    the whole curve.  Maximum vacuum occurs when the
>    engine is running at its highest volumetric and combustion
>    efficiency.  That is also what you are tuning to achieve.
>    It then follows that the goal is the set the mixture, keeping
>    the idle speed fixed, that produces the highest manifold
>    vacuum.  Cheap gauge to buy, excellent technique to
>    implement.
>    As an aside, the vacuum gauge can also spot a plethora
> of other engine problems like sticking valves, broken rings
> and ill-sealing valve seats.  Give it a try.  Its a cheap test.
>    I hope my rants in some way, help.
> Best,
> rick

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