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Re: Wing Mirrors

Subject: Re: Wing Mirrors
From: "Harold W. Roeth" <>
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 19:11:38 -0400
At 3:10 PM -0600 4/23/2002,  "Mike Razor" <> wrote:
>Ok the big question for the day!  To have wing mirrors or not to have them.
>MGA is at the body shop being repainted and they can plug the holes where
>the wing mirrors are currently located or they can put them back. I know
>this is not a probing tech question and is a matter of personal taste,

I have the wings on my A and while I agree they look good out there, 
they are not that very useful. Perhaps the addition of an ancillary 
mirror closeup would be a good compromise.

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