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Re: Suspension question -- No MG content

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Subject: Re: Suspension question -- No MG content
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Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 10:59:47 -0400
I think I can handle that...if memory serves me...

think of the entire rear axle and 'torgue' arm as being the same
design as that of a motorcycles rear swing arm.

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Subject: Suspension question -- No MG content

So in a recent edition of one of the British mags, there's a feature on a 
disassembled, beat-up Bugatti type 35, which is still one of the most beautiful 
things I've ever seen.

They talk in detail about some of the quirks/flashes of engineering genius on 
the car, and they mentioned one thing that I didn't quite get.

Apparently, the rear suspension features what they call a "torque arm" as an 
anti-squat measure.  If I'm looking at the right place, it looks like it's just 
a huge trailing arm that mounts *very* solidly to the center of the axle.  

So if it's a trailing arm that doesn't bend, wouldn't it just lock the 
suspension entirely?  I must have missed something.  It says that because of 
the torque arm, the rear of the car actually rises under acceleration.  

Just idle curiosity -- hell, it took me over a month to even bother to ask -- 
but curiosity none the less.  Can somebody explain what this is/how it works?



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