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Fw: Question on 79 MGB

Subject: Fw: Question on 79 MGB
From: rexcats <>
Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 13:29:42 -0700
> Well I finally got the '79 MGB running. For those who've been following my
> saga, I was having
> trouble getting her to start. Once she ran, I couldn't get any power and
> she would consistantly
> die. I then had a lot of trouble to get her to restart. She kept fouling
> the plugs, too rich. I was very
> fortunate to meet up with a friend who has Triumphs and has worked on ZS
> carbs several times.
> He helped diagnose the problem and between us we got her working. Seems to
> be an issue
> with the auto-choke. It appears to have been dumping too much fuel through
> the carb, probably
> wasn't  closing. I've fixed this problem and the B starts up and drives
> now. She starts up with
> little effort, often on the first turn of the key.
> My current problem is that she drives really rough. It is as if she's
> missing. I've hooked up my
> timing light and rev'd at around 2000RPM and don't detect any missing. All
> four plugs seem to
> be firing the same. I didn't try removing the plugs and checking for
> but they are getting
> current from the distributor. So I'm asking for opinions on things I might
> check and do to get the
> car running smooth. I plan to try for the SMOG certificate tomorrow, but I
> would like to get her
> running as best I can before I make the attempt. Since I don't detect this
> problem when she's
> standing still, I'm wondering if it is mostly happening under load while
> driving. In this case, she
> may pass the SMOG and I can deal with performance afterwards. I just don't
> want to waste
> the time and $$$ if she's sure to fail in her present condition. I have
> made any adjustments
> to the carb other than the fast idle screw setting which has her idling at
> about 1000RPM. I have
> left the mixture at the "neutral" setting per the rebuild instructions and
> I don't think it is running
> rich. Perhaps it's too lean? Another concern with the fuel system is that
> after shutting off the car
> and letting her sit (e.g. overnight), I observe the fuel filter is often
> empty. Sometimes it isn't, but
> it frequently is.  It is as if the float bowl goes low and drains the fuel
> in the line. When I switch on,
> the pump fills up the carb and filter, then shuts off as it should. While
> running, there appears to
> be fuel running into the carb, so I don't think it is going dry except
> while sitting, turned off. It seems
> curious that this happens. I cannot detect any leaks in the system nor in
> the carb. Is this a normal
> or typical mode with the ZS on MGBs?
> Any advise offered will be greatly appreciated.
> Regards,
> Michael
> Lisa Ann
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