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Had my dash restored

Subject: Had my dash restored
Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 00:28:23 EDT
Hi Listers: I really don't know if anyone will be interested, but I opted to 
have my early '74 B dash restored rather than use a cap (mine was too far 
gone for that) or try to put an aftermarket dash on the metal frame. I don't 
think I could have made it look right.

In our town, there is a company called Dash Specialties. I have read their 
adds for years in Hemmings, but always thought they just did muscle cars and 
"56 Desotos and the like.
Anyway, I took the dash to them and chatted with the owners. They assured me 
that they could restore it to new. (It really was VERY bad, with huge chunks 

I picked it up this week am absolutely thrilled with the appearance.It looks 
like it came from a new car. (I have never seen a new MGB, but I am sure this 
dash is as good as a new one.)

Anyway, I am not affilliated with them, just thought I would let you know 
that there is an alternative to using illfitting parts and a heck a lot of 
work I understand making the aftermarket fit.
Cost me $500.00, but I am delighted.

Thanks for reading
Dennis Barr

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