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Re: MGA Clutch

To: MG Nuts <>
Subject: Re: MGA Clutch
From: Skye Poier <>
Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 13:40:24 -0700
Pretty easy to tell if its a hydraulic problem, just watch the arm
coming out of the clutch slave while someone pushes the pedal.  I
believe it should move 1-1.5 inches


Word on the street is Mike Razor said:
> When I called Moss they suggested I get the carbon faced bearing, which is
> what I will do.  I was hoping it was a hydraulic problem, but I don't think
> I will be so lucky.  I had been having trouble getting it to go into gear
> and would pump the clutch pedal a few times and it would engage, this made
> me think it is in either the M/C or slave.  The last time it did this, just
> before not working at all, I tried to get it to go into gear and it balked,
> I pumped the clutch pedal a for several strokes and got it into first,  it
> drove like it was totally in gear, shifted to 2nd then 3rd, same
> performance.  Coasting downhill pushed in the clutch to downshift at a stop
> sign and it started making a grinding/rattling noise.  I plenty of pedal
> pressure and when I let out on the clutch the clattering stopped.  Anyway,
> going to have to pull the engine and while it is out will replace all from
> throw out bearing to pressure plate.  Also, going to replace as many seals
> and gaskets I can get at without dismantling the engine completely.  Took
> the car to a local garage to have them pull the engine etc... I did it twice
> on an other MGA and doubt I will do that again.  The only thing I will pull
> out now will be my check book.
> Mike

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