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Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 21:59:23 -0700
Obviously, it pays to check one's work! A pity I didn't do it, about 14 years ago.

Apologies to all whom I have confused.

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    The mixture adjustment on an HIF is as follows: screwing the adjusting
    inwards (i.e. clockwise) richens the mixture, counter-clockwise leans it.

    The float level should be measured across the center of the float. Doing
    this before the jet is installed makes accurate measurement easier.

  This is what the SU manual says for HIF4. Recheck your video and I believe
you said the opposite in it. The video was still great help and confidence
  Just took B for spin and running great. Had to put old float valve and seat
back in cause the new one wasn't seating. Not good when you have to put old
parts back in in place of new ones during rebuild when you paid dearly for new
  Will drive to work in am for first time in month. Will be worth the wait I
hope. If not there is always AAA.


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