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Subject: Spitfire
From: Maffei Andrew P SSgt 27 LG/LGQPT <>
Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 08:19:32 -0600
To All out there,
        I found a mid 70's spitfire in a bone yard down here in the south
west.  I have made an offer on the car.  the body is in excellent shape, the
interior needs work, but still looks good,  the reason it's their is someone
started to convert it to a V-6,  so the engine is gone,  and I am not sure
if that is the original transmission or what. My questions for $100 is it
worth it to get this car and restore it? it seems that there are More parts
available for the MGs than the spitfires and the first thing I will be
needing is the original engine. 
Any comments or suggestions or experience with these cars would be
Andy 66B 

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