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Re: Loose spokes problem

To: MG Nuts <>
Subject: Re: Loose spokes problem
From: Skye Poier <>
Date: Sat, 1 Jun 2002 12:13:47 -0700

and for good measure,


Word on the street is Tony Sheehan said:
> Hi All,
> I was a passenger in the 'B today, and noticed a "rattle" from the on-side
> rear wheel.  It only happened in the period of time between lifting the
> accelerator and applying the brakes.  I eventually found I had a lot of
> loose spokes.  Is this tricky to fix, and do I need specialist equipment?
> What sort of tool would you use?  I imagine a standard shifter would scratch
> all the paint off, so would a paint job may also be required.
> Luckily the spare seems OK, though it has hit a kerb in the past (DPO, not
> DO), I hope it keeps its air!
> Tony Sheehan.
> 65 MGB.

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