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Fuel Tank Sending Unit

To: "MG" <>
Subject: Fuel Tank Sending Unit
From: "Ken Waringa" <>
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2002 06:08:23 -0500
I need to replace the sending unit in my 1966 MG 1100.  When I pulled it out
of the tank it was rusted solid.  Does anyone have a sending unit handy they
can measure the float arm for me.  I'm pretty sure a sending unit from a
Midget should fit, but there are 3 different ones listed in the Moss
catalog.  The openings are all the same I think, but I need one with a 6
inch float arm.  The 1100 sending unit mounts in the top of the tank like
the Midget does and it's a 9 U.S. gallon capacity.  I really want to get the
fuel tank back in so I can get the gas can out of the trunk.  By the way,
I'm cleaning and sealing the fuel tank to hopefully prevent all the from
clogging the filter.


1966 MG 1100
1969 MGB parts car
1971 TR6
1974 MGB (restoration on hold pending getting the 1100 on the road shortly)
1774 MGB parts car
1979 MGB (son's daily driver)

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