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Re: Optimal temperature, radiator cap, etc.

To: MG Nuts <>
Subject: Re: Optimal temperature, radiator cap, etc.
From: Skye Poier <>
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 16:31:52 -0700
The other option of course, is to blank off part of the radiator and
oil cooler (if fitted), which is a heck of a lot less work for much the
same results.

66 B

Word on the street is Aaron Whiteman said:
> > MG recommended cooler stats for hotter climes and vice-versa, but didn't
> > recommend changing them with the seasons AFAIK.
> True.  However, somehow I suspect that MG, at their headquarters in 
> England didn't realize the kind of fluctuations we get in parts of the 
> US.  Here in Pullman, which is actually fairly mild when you think about 
> it, we have highs from 90-100 for 2-3 months, and six months later, we 
> are dealing with high temperatures that *might* reach 32 (generally 25).
> This year, I am attempting to stay with just the 180 stat all year.  It 
> was rather hot all summer (even after putting in a 4-row rad core), but 
> not so much that I worry about overheating.  I am only waiting for the 
> winter season, to see if it keeps things warm enough.

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