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Barn Fresh MGs

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Subject: Barn Fresh MGs
From: "Doug Wilson" <>
Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 14:26:28 -0400
Hi List,

I just got back from a look at a farm where several LBCs have been stored for
over 25 years.
A friend mentioned that her friend from NY was visiting the family farm which
she had just inherited.
The visitor mentioned that her dad who passed away at 97 had many sport-cars
over the years and some were parked in the various outbuildings.
We managed to uncover:
-1952 TD (complete) engine not seized, BRG, new hood, solid, still air in
tyres and good anti-freeze
-3 MG Magnettes in sad shape
-Austin 8 (complete) entire interior destroyed by raccoons
-rusted hulks of several Mercedes sedans
My new friend's intention is to restore the TD. I am going to help her find
the right people to talk to about costs and to find out if the TD is really a
worthwhile project or not. She has emotional ties to this car. I explained to
her it would be cheaper to buy a restored example but she wouldn't hear of it.
She lives an 8 hour drive from where the cars are sitting. Hopefully she will
get a better storage spot for the TD soon.
I took some pictures (35mm). I'll see how they turned out.
Thought y'all might be interested in my LBC adventure.

Ottawa Canada

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