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1963 MGB from Germany? Info needed please

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Subject: 1963 MGB from Germany? Info needed please
From: "Kevin D. Richards" <>
Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 18:50:27 -0400
Greetings listers.
Just got a 1963 MGB.
It is in need of floors and some sill work, but the car is unmolested and
original, down to the original body panels, no replacements.
I have found an interesting id tag that I thought that someone may be able to
help me with.

I understand that some cars were exported by BMC to Germany, but according to
Clausager's book, none in 63. The id tag is about the same size as an MGA's id
tag, but is on the bonnet locking platform, to the passenger side.
It is black, with the following info stamped in it (looks to be there from the
build date of the car)
MGB 1800
Fahrgestell nr. 15463
Motor nr. 15676
Eigengew. 980kg
Zul. gesantgew. 1250kg
hubarum 1798ccm
PS 95
achsdrucke vorn 600
hinten 650

the usual tags are there, in the drivers side inner front fender in engine
bay: MGB015072
Engine number 18GUH15676
and the usual tag behind the bonnet locking platform, the MG car company tag,
to order parts, quote number, etc.

Is this evidence of a German export in 63?
Is is just someone who had a B and then took it to Germany and had to get the
tag put on the car?
doesn't make sense, seems youwould only have a tag like that screwed to the
bonnet locking platform if it was done when the car was new....

any help much appreciated.
Kevin Richards
62 MGA
64 MGB daily driver
63 MGB new to the family

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