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Re: 67 tranny back into engine

Subject: Re: 67 tranny back into engine
Date: Tue, 03 Sep 2002 14:57:23 +0000
Last year, when I was doing the clutch on my car. It 
seemed that pretty much, I would spend one night, not 
being able to do something (anything!) and the next night
it would go in easy (ok, relatively).

Mating the engine and tranny backup. I realigned the 
clutch (with the $8 plastic tool) probably 4-5 times
before I got it. I also, tipped the engine on it's nose
so that I was working, more or less, up and down. 

And I only smashed 2 fingernails! :-) Though I'm thinking
that was on a failed night.

Paul Root
> Tom,
> It took us hours to get my 78B engine linked to my
> tranny, you need another set of knowledgable hands.
> Where are you? It almost would have been easier to
> pull the tranny out.  When I did my wifes Tranny on
> the 70B we pulled everything and it was so easy
> getting it all in except the cross member. That's
> another story you need to hear from David Council as
> he is going through that now.
> Jim
> --- Tom Wagner <> wrote:
> > Can someone tell me an easy way to get 
> > a 67 Tranny back into the clutch flywheel
> > area.  I have it all greased up and worked on
> > it for 2-3 hrs today and my back is sore and
> > so are my arms.  I kept thinking there has
> > to be an easier way to do this as I am getting
> > old here(51).
> > 
> > SO can someone tell me an easier way to do this????
> > 
> > Thanks in advance
> > 
> > Tom Wagner
> > 67 MGB
> > 72 TR 6

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