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LeMay collection (Was: Re: Hobby in decline?)

Subject: LeMay collection (Was: Re: Hobby in decline?)
From: "David Breneman" <>
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 10:14:34 -0700 (PDT)
Rick Lindsay SEZ -
(With huge swaths of text gratuitously deleted...)
>    We have a mentality in this country that says that if you work
> with your hands, you are a 2nd class citizen and must have failed
> out of college or are just dumb.  That stinks.  Go to Europe
> and visit a nice men's store.  It can be ANY kind of shop,
> garage, factory,etc..  The people there respect tradesmen and
> the skills needed to do their jobs expertly.

I was looking for an "in" to talk about the annual LeMay
car collection open house in Tacoma that I got to attend
Saturday, but unfortunately I'm dialed into a flakey
modem pool from home so I'll probably have to make this
short before I'm disconnected again.

Harold LeMay was a garbage man.  He started buying the rights
to neighborhood garbage routes after WWII.  By the time he
died, a couple years ago, he was a millionaire several times
over with garbage franchises in 6 Washington counties.  He
used his money to buy cars.  Thousands of them.  When he
died he had the largest car collection in the world.  Now
his estate is building a museum in Tacoma which will be
the world's biggest car museum.  But until then, for the last
25 years, one day every August he had an open house.  People
could come walk through his yard, and the formet Catholic
academt he bought nearby, and see some of his cars.  Only a
few hundred, but what a collection.  A devotion of love.
And it's kind of like a car-lover's Disneyland on acid.
I think next year will be the last open house, because 
construction of the museum is about to start.  I can post
more info if anybody is interested.

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