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Re: Cooliong question and thanks

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Subject: Re: Cooliong question and thanks
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Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2002 09:17:15 +0100
When is it losing it?  If during warm-up that can simply be normal expansion
and pushing out of an excess, if so the level will still be above the rad
tubes when cooled back down again.  If it still pushes it out while driving,
and the level when cool drops below the rad tubes, then that does indicate
some overheating problem.  It shouldn't be a head gasket unless very severe,
which should be obvious, as any small amounts of air will work their way to
the top of the header tank and when the pressure in the system exceeds that
of the cap it is simply the air that is vented off.  If it vomits water
shortly after you have switched off again that indicates overheating, or a
weak cap.  Check the cap, the last one I bought was marked 15lb but in fact
had a 12lb spring.

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Subject: Cooliong question and thanks

> Now that the speedo works, I drive the car more.  I seem to be doing a
> lot of overflowing on the coolant.  Not overheating, but it is
> overflowing.  I usually add about a quart of water every 3 or 4 days and
> I know that is too much.  It doesn't appear to be burning it (and I
> replaced the head gasket about 2 years ago due to similar concerns), and
> my radiator cap (a safety cap) is fairly new.  I also have a new
> radiator (from moss from china) within the last year and a new water
> pump a couple years ago.  I'm thinking about going back to my old water
> pump (looks like the original pump from 1958) that had a metal rotor
> rather than the later one that had plastic.
> Any other advice out there??

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