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Re: SU fuel pump question/ MGB

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Subject: Re: SU fuel pump question/ MGB
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Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2002 10:45:59 +0100
The workshop manual seems to confirm your old pump as being correct - the
body vent and the recess in the plastic points cover should be on the
opposite side to the in and out lines.  However I'm surprised that the tube
to the vent on the plastic cover won't fit either as I would have thought
that noit matter how it was rotated it was never going to be as much as 1"
away from any other position.  It should be no problem removing the screws
and rotating the solenoid wrt the in and out lines.

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Subject: SU fuel pump question/ MGB

> Hello,
> I recently purchased a rebuilt SU AUF 300 fuel pump (for '73 MGB) from
> DuBois.  I went to install it and to my surprise, the two little vent
> did not reach to the outlets on the pump.
> Comparing my old pump with the one I purchased, I noticed that the pump
> was not in the same position on the base (rotated 90 degrees +/-).  I
> David and was told that my old pump was incorrectly assembled, and the one
> he sold me was right.  Looking at my manuals and catalogues, my old pump
> appears to be assembled correctly.  My old pump and the catalogues show
> the points are vertical and the writing on the plastic cap is horizontal
> (and the power connection at about 4 o'clock) when the pump is mounted in
> the car.
> I realize this is not a big deal and that I could just leave the two
> vent lines off.  But I do try to keep the car original and intact as much
> I can.
> Does anyone have a pump that they could look at for reference for me?

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