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RE: Air in Cooling System Was Re: u-joints-successful

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Subject: RE: Air in Cooling System Was Re: u-joints-successful
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Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2002 22:28:14 -0600
Monte, have you considered the radiator cap?  It's cheap to replace.

The second item I'll mention is one that people hate to hear.  Did you
loose any coolant when the gauge indicated hot?  No?  Hmm.  How could
that be?  It over heated but no coolant came out?  Perhaps it didn't
over heat, maybe you have a bad sender or bad gauge.  (I once read the
best fix for the, "my car is overheating" comment is to tape over the
temp gauge).

Another thing that comes to mind is the voltage stabilizer.  If it is
sticking closed the temp and fuel gauge will receive a full 12v and they
will read high.  Just a thought.

Larry Hoy

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> Thanks Lawrie,
> I just checked this out thinking you may have hit the nail on
> the head but, nah, that would be way to simple:). They seem 
> to be running the correct way, which in a 79B with the fans 
> in front of the radiator should be counterclockwise. THe temp 
> gauge went into the red again this AM on the way to work when 
> the temp was in the low 60's but stayed normal tonight when 
> the temp was almost 90. Go figure. Monte
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