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Frequently Asked Air Compressor Question

Subject: Frequently Asked Air Compressor Question
From: Chris Thompson <>
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 16:07:30 -0400
I know that the list gurus have answered this question before, but the
archive search isn't returning the right stuff for me.

I'm looking for an air compressor. I do remember someone, Barney I think,
saying not to buy based off horsepower, but to buy off stated CFM specs at
certain PSI.

For example, Sears has a 60gal tank that will do 12.4 SCFM at 40PSI and
10.2SCFM at 90PSI. Though $449 is a bit more than I wanted to spend. (That
model is at

So, I have to ask the gurus, what are good flow rates? What ranges should I
be looking for? Oilless or Oiled? I can see myself using air powered
ratchets, maybe a grinder. Maybe a media blaster and HVLP type paint gun. I
currently have one of the little Porter Cable biscuit style 5gal
compressors which came with my 18gauge brad nailer. I'm about to have to
empty out my garage to have the garage door replace, that means that when
stuff goes back in, it's getting organized (I'm just giddy with excitement
at the thought. I've got a corner that isn't going to be very useful, but
would fit a vertical compressor jsut great.

So, what do you guys recommend?

Chris Thompson
1974 MGB Chrome Bumper Roadster

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