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79 B-no start

Subject: 79 B-no start
From: dave houser <>
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 07:25:14 -0400
A neighbor with a 79 B asked me for some advice regarding his B's not 
Here's the story.
the car is in town at a shop that just replaced his battery. went to 
pick it up and it doesn't start. seems their mechanics couldn't help 
except to test for spark at the coil and it seems there was spark there. 
Ditto on getting fuel. I went with him to lay my hands upon it and have 
it miraculously start, not. I pulled a plug and got not spark, nadda. 
Smelled fuel at the plug and when we crank it.
I opened the distributor which I admit is foreign to me(I only play with 
B's up to 67! Beyond that I admit to nothing beyond the basics.
I checked a Moss catalog and find that parts are unobtainium for that 
model distributor(45ED?). Looked very foreign to me. Air gaps?
To sum up, the car ran well before he had a new battery installed. I 
suggested he put the old one back in and see what happens :>)
Any ideas to pass along to him will be appreciated.
Dave Houser

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