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Re: Driveline question please

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Subject: Re: Driveline question please
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Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 09:42:54 +0100
On the face of it there doesn't seem any way to alter the relationship
between the arrows and the yokes if they were right in the first place.  I
have replaced my UJs but didn't dismantle the splined part.  I would get the
yokes right and ignore the arrows.

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Subject: Driveline question please

> Hi again list: I am reassembling the driveline on my '74 B. The Haynes
> says"when reassembling the propeller shaft, it is essential to ensure that
> the yoke A is in alignment with yoke B".
> That makes sense, they even have a drawing.
> However, it also says to line up the arrows on the sleeve assembly with
> arrows on the splined portion of the shaft.
> If I do the "arrows", the yokes are 90 degrees OUT of the alingment as
> required by Haynes.
> If I align the yokes, as mentioned, the arrows are out 90 degrees..
> Who's on first here and what is more important.

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