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RE 79 B no start

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Subject: RE 79 B no start
From: "Maynard Hirsch" <>
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 06:24:40 -0500
First of all, I assumed (I know what that means) that the garage and the
writer had checked the fuel pump, and other electrics.

I, too, prefer a points distributor, but for an owner that has a commercial
garage fix his car, an electronic unit is less costly in the long run.  The
Crane and Petronix units are very reliable.  Also, I don't believe I said
scrap the distributor, I said it was shot, and to get an electronic unit.  I
don't replace parts will nilly, but when a car is at a mechanic, who is
charging $60-90/hour, who does not know the car, it is often cheaper in the
long run to replace the parts.


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