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Re: MGF mid-engine or not???

Subject: Re: MGF mid-engine or not???
From: Rick Brown <>
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 20:13:28 -0400

You are in for a treat!!  I just got back from a trip to England where I was
fortunate enough to have the use of a friend's MGF for a week. I was
impressed with the car but my traveling companion from Holland, who was not
allowed to drive the F because of his age (insurance requirement was 25 Yrs
old) got a chance to test drive the MG TF at the dealers in Brighton.  He
was ecstatic when he returned - raving about the cars responsiveness with
the bigger engine. Had the salesman not gone with him for the ride I doubt
if he would have ever returned :)

I've posted a few pics of both the MGF we used and the MG TF if anyone is



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Subject: Re: MGF mid-engine or not???


> So, when am I going to get my chance to actually DRIVE the thing....
> maybe sooner than you think.  I am going to be putting pressure on the
> dealer to let me give it a spin this weekend (the weather report is for
> fantastic spring weather).
> I will let you all know how I go.  Eat your hearts out :-)
> --
> Eric

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