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Re: MGF mid-engine or not? / Stylish or not ?

Subject: Re: MGF mid-engine or not? / Stylish or not ?
From: "David Breneman" <>
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 09:22:34 -0700 (PDT)
Bob D. SEZ -
> Out of curiosity, how would you guys rank the MGF against the MGA,
> aesthetically? Signify whether you're a Spring Chicken or an Old Fart.

I don't think you can compare them, as they are of two different
eras.  It would be like comparing a Model T with a Galaxie 500.
Of course, there isn't as much difference in the 50 years of 1950s-
2000s as there is 1910s-1960s, but there is still a lot of difference.
I think the MGA is one of the most beautiful cars ever made.
Certainly one of the best looking sports cars of the 50s.  But
cars just don't look like that anymore - they *can't*.  They'd be
illegal on a hundred counts if they did.

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