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Re: Quandry

Subject: Re: Quandry
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 17:09:43 EDT
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<That's an understatement...<g>... for instance, how do you "remove" the
<complex 3-dimensional object from the tightly packed sand without disturbing
<it? I know what you're thinking of, but you seem to be a little vague on the

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A LITTLE vague!  Thannks for being kind, Max!

> Who? Native Americans used obsidian, typically. Medieval Europeans would
> have forged them, I would think. Cast arrowheads seem unlikely, but...?

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I guess you never saw Robin Hood with Kevin Costner!  I always thought that 
movie was historically accurate!  ;-)  They poured arrowheads in the forest.

I guess it's time for a weekend.  I know I'm ready!

Allen Hefner
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