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Question on a... Triumph?!

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Subject: Question on a... Triumph?!
From: "Dave Ciaccio" <>
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 22:15:49 -0500
Hi Everyone:
A friend of mine just picked up a '76 triumph spitfire that is in decent
condition for a good price.  The car has been in a garage for 9 years not
running. We are in the process of getting it ready to see if it will start.
Only problem identified so far is the clutch.  We pushed in the clutch pedal
for the first time and it went 3/4 of the way down then locked up.  The pedal
now has free play down to that point where it feels like you are hitting a
wall.  Any advice what we have here?  Also, does anyone know of the triumph
equivalent bulletin board he could subscribe to like this list?  I want him to
have the same great resources that I have for my MG. He would appreciate any
advice.  Thanks again.

Dave Ciaccio
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