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Re: Left rear tire rubbing on 185x70R14s, Center lock wheels.

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Subject: Re: Left rear tire rubbing on 185x70R14s, Center lock wheels.
From: Eric <>
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2002 12:31:32 +0930
"Andrew B. Lundgren" wrote:
> My car had wire wheels when I got it.  I just replaced all four hubs
> and the wheels with new centerlock alloy wheels.
> My 185x70R14 tires are rubbing on the left rear outer fender on left
> turns and bumps.

My 'road' tyres are now 205/60R14 and they rub on the INSIDE of the
wheel arch when really pushed and only touched the OUTSIDE if bucking
and weaving through a dip on a 90 degree corner - we have one of these
at the track yet haven't found one when out cruising :-).  But you would
rarely push them this hard on the road.  

These monsters are my old 'track' tyres and are now my 'road' tyres
because I couldn't afford to get new 'road' and 'track' tyres at the
same time :-)

My preferred 'track' tyres are now 195/60R14 and they don't rub at all
even when pushed very hard (I now want this size for 'road' use).

My fenders are not rolled.

So I am not sure why the 185 width would cause you problems except with
maybe excessive axle movement side-to-side.  How hard are you pushing
the car to get her to rub?

If you want to see how sloppy the 'normal' MGB suspension is - check out
the wheels disappearing under my car in these shots from a few years ago
(when I was ten seconds slower around the same circuit than I am now).

Adelaide, South Australia

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