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Re: Overdrive fluid options? Syntech? early O/D

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Subject: Re: Overdrive fluid options? Syntech? early O/D
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2002 23:28:36 -0700
It has often been claimed on this list that synthetic motor oil is a a
"no-no" in the OD -- it's "too slippery" and causes the clutch to slip. No
personal experience (except in the negative sense -- I don't use synthetic
and my OD works).

on 9/14/02 5:55 PM, Carl French at wrote:

> We have definitly improved the OD in my car. It did work today for about a ten
> mile section on the way to a show but then on the way home it got noisy and
> then got intermittant again. I will flush the unit one or two more times to
> see if I can clean out the crud that 'might' be impeding the oil pressure or
> flow. My mechanic had suggested the use of 20/50 in synthetic as synthetics
> might work better in the O/D which he had said had 'some' similarities to an
> auto trans which many of the older GM units seem to limp along better with
> synthetic oils. Any thoughts fo solutions on this tired old d type box?? I
> would still love to figure out how to remove the bolt that holds in the oil
> pump.
> Carl French
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