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Low Speed Suspension Problem

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Subject: Low Speed Suspension Problem
From: "Jeff Sharpe" <>
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 18:42:59 -0400
snip>    going very slow over bumpy pavement or parking at the county fair,
the car
makes a rattle that sounds like it involves the front suspension or steering.

Bob - that's exactly where I found my similar problem, in the steering column
lower bearing.  If you can feel play by grabbing the column just above the
univ joint, that might be where your low speed rattle is coming from.  The
plastic 'nut' can be tightened aginst the bearing.  On my car the nut was
intentionally melted on the plastic sleeve to prevent loosening, but it
tightened easily for me and completely solved the rattle.  If this doesn't
make sense but still sounds interesting, let me know offline and I'll try to
explain what I found.  I can also send you a couple pictures of a disassembled
steering column that I used to figure out what was going on (thanks Bill!)


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