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Re: [MG-MGB] MGB Auto trans

Subject: Re: [MG-MGB] MGB Auto trans
From: Kevin Smith <>
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 21:58:29 -0500
My question is:  Has anyone ever seen one for sale?  Recently, I almost 
bought a BGT, but one of the stipulations (per my ol' lady) of my next 
vehicle purchase is that I get a car with automatic.  I considered finding 
an automatic and switching out, but alas it didn't work out.  I was going 
to put an A/C unit in it as well.  Truth be told, with an automatic tranny,
  A/C, radio, etc., heck, I might as well get a Cadillac! :)


On Monday, September 16, 2002, at 03:00 PM, Dan DiBiase wrote:

> Ok, obvious question - has anyone ever seen a B with an automatic (from
> the factory)??
> --- Carl French <> wrote:
>> According to Claushagers, the auto was made avail with the advent of the
>> mark 2 MGB in late 67 and continued to be a factory option until August
>> of 1973. He goes on to show that only 73 LHD MGBs and GTs were exported
>> with one going to Canada. By contrast 453 MGC Roadsters and 484 MGC-GTs
>> were exported to the US.
>> Carl

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