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Calif. dreamin'

Subject: Calif. dreamin'
From: dave houser <>
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 19:36:04 -0400
Good Folks,
Just back from a quick visit with inlaws in Palm Springs and the 
highlight was a visit with an old friend who helped me paint my TD 35 
years ago! He lives in a beautiful bit of CA real estate, Laguna Niguel. 
First time there for Rita and I and I have to say, the visit to Laguna 
Beach was a trip through time...
After 112 degrees in the desert, the cooling air off the ocean was a 
welcome respite. That and the never ending parade of 50, 60 ,and 70's 
vintage automobiles on PCH while we sat on the beach was surreal!
There we were, by the "Hotel California" and one after another passed 
before my eyes. Even MG's. One treat was an early Chevy pickup towing a 
Teardrop travel trailer! I have wanted one of these behind the MG's for 
years. It truly was a time warp!
I must say though, a big hat's off the the drivers on the 405, where I 
experienced 85-90 miles an hour in the HOV lane, right up against a 
concrete center divider, on a twisting, turning road 7 lanes across, 
everyone in perfect step! Wow! Certainly would not like to commute like 
that every day.
And now for some calm, Warwick, single lane, backroads,
Dave Houser

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