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Re: baffles vs accusump vs oil cooler

Subject: Re: baffles vs accusump vs oil cooler
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 18:09:29 EDT
In a message dated 18/09/02 2:10:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

> I was thinking about putting a baffle in the oil pan during this engine
> rebuild, since I plan on autocrossing the B next year. Don't need the
> modified sump for extra capacity, though. 

That's a standard thing to do - very few people bother with the more 
vulnerable deep sump, which was really intended for long distance events. We 
don't need them for sprint racing (1/2 hour sort of events), or slaloms.

However I got thinking, and
> I'm currently favouring installing an Accusump instead. No need for
> baffles if you're got an Accusump right? Assuming the oil starvation
> doesn't exceed the Accusump's capacity, but I'm pretty sure the reported
> problems on hard cornering are momentary. Does it do any damage to the
> oil pump?

If you are in a long high speed corner, you can seriously starve the 
bearings. You won't hurt the pump.  Having a baffle will lessen the amount of 
work an Accucump needs to do. In racing we use both.

> Might put the Accusump in where the oil cooler was, and do away with the
> oil cooler altogether. I know this is a hot topic, some think its
> essential, some think its actually bad for your engine, some are
> neutral. Being in the Northwest, conditions are usually pretty cool
> here. However I do take it for long, high-speed drives. Of course the
> argument can always be made that the Landcrab which shared the B-series
> engine and was, I believe, actually tuned higher than the B did not have
> an oil cooler and didn't suffer for the lack...

Do NOT remove the cooler. You will come to grief. Don't believe me? Be my 
guest - its your money.
But I don't understand why you would WANT to remove the cooler. There are 
other places for the Accusump. You are just manufacturing problems for 

My advice? Just put a baffle in the sump - you will be better off for 
spirited street driving and slalom. If you aren't going to race it, don't 
waste the money on an Accusump.

Bill S.

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