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Re: Stiff pistons

To: "Tony Sheehan" <>,
Subject: Re: Stiff pistons
From: "Lawrie Alexander" <>
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002 06:31:00 -0700
Are you sure the new rings are the correct size for the pistons? (I've heard
of people trying to take up wear by fitting +.010" rings to standard

Assuming they are the correct size, did you check the end-gaps of the rings
before installing them?

British Sportscar Center

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Subject: Stiff pistons

> I am in the process of replacing the pistons after a ring job, and they
> very stiff to push into the cylinders.  I expected them to need only a
> little bit of encouragement, where in fact they need some fairly
> belts with the handle of my hammer to push them down far enough to attach
> the big end caps.
> Is this normal?  I am worried the thing wont turn over when I have it
> assembled!
> Thanks,
> Tony Sheehan,
> 65 MGB

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