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Re: MGB pinging...

To: Craig Wiper <>, mg mailing list <>
Subject: Re: MGB pinging...
From: Howard gentry <>
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002 09:37:04 -0700 (PDT)
> I have a California early '74 B which is supposed to
> have the timing
> adjusted to 11deg BTDC with vacuum off at 1500 rpm.
> I've actually got it at
> 8 degrees to lessen the pinging which I've been
> experiencing. Any closer to
> TDC and it's very hard to start and doesn't run as
> good.
> I bought brand new HIF4 carbs last year for a 'smog'
> check (couldn't adjust
> the old ones to idle low enough). 
     I am wondering if your distributor has the proper
flyweight springs for your modified engine. Different
sets of springs will drastically change the advance
curves generated as your engine speed high is High on your compression
gage? I would think that if the compression is less
than 10 to 1, then high octane unleaded could be made
to run in your engine..with the proper ignition curve.
My 1976 B with factory H pistons exhibits some pinging
when I really hammer it..otherwise, all is good with
supreme unleaded grade fuel.
     What cam are you running??lift, duration
etc..What degree of lobe timing is the cam set at
now?? I have seen engines with high cam lobe center
timing(over 110 deg) exhibit pinging with high
compression and relatively low octane unleaded fuels.
    Hope this note gives you places to explore in your
quest to tame your engine.
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