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Poconono raceway trip-non MG

Subject: Poconono raceway trip-non MG
From: dave houser <>
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002 14:02:28 -0400
Just got back from a recent 2-day event held at the Split Rock Resort 
and Pocono Raceway. I'm a member of the International Motor Press 
Association and once a year we get the opportunity to flog(read kindly 
drive) all manner of vehicles(about 145 this year) across different off 
road courses(for the SUV's, and AWD vehicles) as well as another day of 
using part of the Pocono raceway track for spirited driving. This year 
we waived the helmet law and it was great. No one acts stupid(well, 
there is always one) and we can jump from vehicle to vehicle for 
immediate comparisons. There was a car show and my 67 BGT took second to 
a big Healey(OK there was some MG content). Prize was a nice Sony 
satellite FM radio. Not bad. There is a slalom course and a chance to 
win a set of tires(didn't) and raffle prizes with some very nice prizes.
While I did like the opportunity to get into and drive the TT Coupe with 
my wife, the real sleeper I found, was the new Infinity G35! Has anyone 
else had a drive in this car? Some other nice vehicles I'd get once my 
lottery comes in was the TT, G35, Volvo's new SUV XC90, a beauty, a new 
Envoy coming in '04  with a disappearing roof to carry, let's say, a 
refrigerator to tow the MG's? For pure fun add the Mini(Cooper S, of 
course). Audi's new Cabriolet, a real stunner with rounded sheet metal, 
new Z car perhaps, and I'm sure for space constraints, a like more I 
haven't mentioned.
A fun 2-day event I look forward to next year.
Dave Houser (going through my goodie bag, now)

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