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Subject: Re: Loss of Oil Press over 4k - pressures -
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Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 15:51:06 -0400
...sounds like at those speeds the oil is being pumped
out of the pan and not draining back down quickly
enough. Starving the oil pump will look like a drop in oil
pressure.  If you have a bit of positive crankcase pressure
and the lower crankcase is not ventilated properly,
 the lower case pressure coming up through the tappet
chest can be enough to slow the process of oil
leaving the valve cover area and draining back down
into the sump.

Paul Tegler

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Subject: Loss of Oil Pressure over 4000 RPM's

I was driving to lunch today when I noticed I was going around 80MPH and my
oil pressure was below 50. I let off the accelerator and it started moving
back towards 75. It appears that when the engine is over 4000 RPM's for a
few seconds the oil pressure starts to slowly drop below 50. It would have
gone to 25 if I had let it. I checked the oil, it was fine.

Anyone have any ideas why this happens? I'm guessing it isn't normal.


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