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Pocono raceway trip-some MG

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Subject: Pocono raceway trip-some MG
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Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 20:52:55 -0400
Dave Houser recounts his recent IMPA Test Day experience.

I remember those Test Days fondly.  One of the neatest cars that usually
appeared was Dave's own MGA coupe.

BTW, Test Day was/is known as "Flaunt Your Incompetence Day" because some
people did exactly that.  On one occasion I drove what could have been an
interesting commuter car.  But, it was badly lacking in the tire area.  IT
was incompetent.  It was a GM import & after one lap at Lime Rock with it, I
was in the midst of debating with the people from Chevrolet about the need
for tires on it that were at least decent when all activity came to an
abrupt halt.  Seems that an incompetent driver learned that it's easy to
roll an incompetent commuter car at the bottom of the Downhill turn.

Norm Sippel
Former auto editor & IMPA member
'66 MGB

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