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Re: Can't get Ujoint off Steering Column

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Subject: Re: Can't get Ujoint off Steering Column
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Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 10:00:20 +0100
You'll probably find it easier to pull the rack forward.  Watch out for any
shims between rack and cross-member and make sure they go back as-is.  If
you do this instead of disturbing the column you won't disturb the

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Subject: Can't get Ujoint off Steering Column

> I'm trying to replace the steering column Ujoint on my '71 B. I got the
> joint assembly loose to where it will slide up and down over the splined
> shafts, but it won't slide down far enough to allow removal. The ends of
> two shafts are about 1/4 inch too close together. What's the best way to
> one of the shaft to move that last 1/4 inch? I was considering loosening
> entire rack or removing the pinion cover. I haven't figured out how to
> withdraw the upper shaft. Thanks in advance.

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