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Re: good example of painted bumper

Subject: Re: good example of painted bumper
From: Zubrovka <>
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 16:33:24 -0400
Well, on the frontend, I don't think much of that "cow-catcher" 
spoiler, it looks like too much on that car and for me, it would be 
destroyed the first time I went in or out my driveway.
Also the front license plate holder messes it up and then there is an 
alignment problem between the bumper and car.
Yeah, it's not perfect, but doesn't it make you wonder if the 
designers of the bumper had the flow of the body into the bumper in 
mind when they did them?  Look at cars today.  The technology was 
heading in that direction in the early 70's but the paint wasn't yet 
up to the task.  Just my opinion tho.

>I've never warmed up to painted bumpers. I think the rear bumper looks
>ok, but there's something funny about the front.
>There's a UK supplier, that has a RV8 conversion and a halfway (just
>bumpers) that have a nice look to them. The web site hasn't updated in
>a year or so. I like those. The 'grill' needs a badge though.
>Zubrovka wrote:
>>  Hey,
>>  I saw this MGB on eBay and noted how nice the painted bumpers look.
>>  I wonder if that is a factory color or just a mix that is similar.
>>  Look well done to me!
>>  John

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