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Subject: Re: Car shows
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 11:19:03 EDT
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> Were the brit cars all in one place, or dispersed among the 10,000 other
> cars? 300 brit cars is a lot.

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They were pretty much all in lines by marque.  Lots of nice MG T-series, lots 
of beautiful A's.  Not many B's or Midgets.  I didn't look at many TR's, but 
there was a nice row of Healeys.  Then there was a big group of Jags, some 
Rolls and Bentley.  You name it, it was there.    You may find some odd Brit 
cars in with the cars that are sorted by decade, or with the real old cars.

The experience was awe inspiring.  If you have never been to Hershey for the 
Fall Meet, you will not believe your eyes.

Allen Hefner
Philly Region RoadRally Steward
Merchandise Chairman
'77 MG Midget #51 (FSP)
'75 MG Midget (The Project)
'92 Mitsubishi Expo LRV Sport (HS)

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