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Re: GT rear seat suitability for anything

To: Tim Baxter <>
Subject: Re: GT rear seat suitability for anything
From: "Andrew B. Lundgren" <>
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 11:40:29 -0600
If your laws are like ours in Colorado, then at 4 you probably still have to 
have him in a car seat.  (I am not complaining about these laws.  I have a 6,5 
and .75 year old, they 
go in car seats, and I would not have it any other way.)

I had a GT on the road for 45 days, so I might be mistaken here, but I don't 
think you could get a car seat into the back of a GT with a kid in it...  I 
don't think there would be 
the head room for a 4 year old.

Tim Baxter wrote:
> Planning on acquiring a GT project (any help in KC area welcome), but 
> will need to press rear seat into occasional duty hauling small child 
> around. Any advice on belts, car seats, etc. The boy's only 4, so the 
> small dimensions shouldn't be too much trouble, especially since I'm 
> short and generally have the seat pretty far forward, but I do need to 
> strap him in securely.
> Looking for any and all options, up to and including 4-point harnesses.

Andrew Lundgren

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