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Re: Ujoint off Steering Column

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Subject: Re: Ujoint off Steering Column
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Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 13:07:33 +0100
Only by replicating them.  Some have mentioned using BluTack, I have wrapped
stiff wire round the shaft with one free end where the point would be, which
can be set by rotating each shaft and adjusting the wire until rotates at a
single point in space and doesn't describe a circle.  Remember the proper
points also set the londitudinal position of each shaft, not just their
relative lateral position.  On my non-collapsible column the inner moves in
and out freely, its final position being set by the UJ, so that is not an
issue.  It may be with collapsible columns.

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Subject: Re: Ujoint off Steering Column

>    Once things have been moved around to slip off the u-joint, is there a
> way to center the shafts without having the two little cone/point tools?
> Bob

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