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Re: coolant

To: Paul Root <>
Subject: Re: coolant
From: Paul Root <>
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 08:01:08 -0500
Found it. June and July's Patrick Bedard articles:


Paul Root wrote:
> The pair of articles in Car & Driver (I think?) a few months back
> that someone posted links to (Barney? or maybe Max?) says no, don't use 
> orange.
> The best stuff to use for old cars like ours, according to the Zerex guy 
> in the article was, surprise, Zerex, but a special one. Something like 
> Z06 or something. I don't remember now. I looked for it at 3 or 4 
> places, no luck.
> Anyway, search the articles from a month or so ago about overheating.
> Or see if you can find something on I couldn't in
> 2 minutes, but that doesn't mean anythig.
> MonteMorris wrote:
>>Can we use the "orange" type antifreeze in our MGs or just the "green" type?
>>What's the difference; they both say ethylene glycol on them?

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