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'TD Water Pump Stud Install - proper technique ?

Subject: 'TD Water Pump Stud Install - proper technique ?
From: "Eugene Balinski" <>
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 09:45:46 -0400

   First,  thanks for all of the replys about my friends 53
'TD water pump.  He got the nut off.  Now we have to remove
the stud and replace it.  We have the stud. 

  My questions are these:  1)  what is the proper technique
for stud installation ?  I presume that it can be hand
installed and then tightened up using the  nut-on-nut
method.   2) Is there a recommended torque ?  3)  Do  we
 need to use Locktite (red ? blue?) on the engine block end
of the stud ?  4)  Or, as some have suggested, should we
forego the Locktite, tighten up the stud in the block,  and
just use some anti-seize on the nut holding the pump ?  

Thanks in advance,

   Gene Balinski

       80 B
(Helping with 53 'TD)
(Starting to look at Series IIA/SeriesIII Land Rovers)
(What am I nuts ?)
(Don't answer that!)
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