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Re: This is why you should always trust your mechanic.

Subject: Re: This is why you should always trust your mechanic.
From: Eric <>
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2002 02:27:29 +0930
Chris Thompson wrote:
> Check this message board thread...
> That's from a Mustang SVT forum. Some idiot mechanic at a ford dealership
> in San Antonio took a customer's car out for a test drive, and beat the
> bejeezus out of it up to 140mph, then had the balls, and the lack of
> brains, to brag about it on this board.
> The upside? He mentions the car's License Plate number (which has since
> been edited out of the post), and the owner's husband just happens to read
> that forum. Oops.

If it has an end, let us know.  I got bored after the few pages (or
until the poor girls husband chimed in and just picked a few pages at
random further on to see if there was anything interesting - like all
the people flocking there from other lists (including a "lawn/landscape
gardeners list???).  Oh yeah, no wonder he calls himself Poor Todd when
his wife has expensive tastes like that:-)

BTW someone posted the license number later on - VNMS were the
letters... and so was she when she found out :-)

Adelaide, South Australia

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