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80 mgb, dual SU's, no go... need advice!

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Subject: 80 mgb, dual SU's, no go... need advice!
From: "Marc" <>
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2002 16:55:48 -0400
Well, I took two good running cars, and turned them into one car that runs
poorly, and one that doesn't run at all... So, I need a little advice
regarding the dual SU's.

Here's what I did:

The victims were:
(1) 1973 MGB, desmogged, dual SU's, basically stock. Ran great prior to
(2) 1980 MGB LE, desmogged, Weber DGV, ran pretty good, but was gutless.

So, although many people have told me that the Weber could run pretty well,
I was convinced that I wanted the dual SU's on the LE, since that's the one
I like to drive the most! SO, I have acquired two set of SU's, + the
manifold for them. I hadn't touched this project because I am clueless about
their setup, etc. Got to thinking that I could take the perfectly running
set off the 73, bolt them on the 80, and off I go. Right?... Wrong!

I removed the carbs and manifolds from each car, being especially careful
with the SU's not to disturb them. Got them swapped, and hoses, cables,
etc., hooked up. Of course the 73 with the weber runs right off the bat, but
it's gutless just like the LE was with that setup. Basically what I
expected, so not really upset about that.

The LE didn't fare as well - If I nail the choke, and keep pumping the gas
pedal, it will start, but runs very roughly, and the engine screeches.

I am loathe to start messing with the SU's just yet - I don't know enough
about them to start fiddling about with their settings. What causes that
screeching sound? Is there anything I should know about this swap that can
cause this kind of grief?

Any info, tips, pointers, etc would be greatly appreciated!
Marc Siegel, Charm Net LLC  eMail:
Baltimore, MD      voice: 410/361-8160

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