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Re: was weber problems

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Subject: Re: was weber problems
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Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2002 16:28:31 -0700
Another strong possibility is that your points in the distributor have
closed up - if the cam is a bit worn or the shaft a tad bent, it will fire
two cylinders but not the other two.  Seen this happen at least twice in the
last 25 years.......

British Sportscar Center

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Subject: was weber problems

> I didn't get a lot of bites on this the first time around so here goes
> 1980 MGB, desmogged, with a weber downdraft. If I pull the spark plug
> off #1 & #2 it makes no difference in the engine's performance. Remove
> #3 or #4, it stumbles and stalls. One suggestion was to check for vacuum
> ( there were none). Another suggestion was a bad head gasket ( yet to be
> checked out). Since I did just run it down to almost empty, I have changed
> fuel filter and sprayed the carb throats with cleaner.  I did check the
> bowls and they had no crud in them. I am on the digest so if you could
> this to my personal e-mail I'd be appreciative. Thanks in advance.
> Don Toy

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