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SU HIF Needle Swap Question

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Subject: SU HIF Needle Swap Question
From: "Christian, Skip" <>
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 12:17:31 -0400
Hello Group.  I'm trying this again after sending the first one to the wrong
group.  Has anyone tried putting a "fixed" (i.e.. unbiased) needle in an HIF
carb ??  I've been told that HS and HIF carbs are completely different.
However, the SU book shows some common part numbers.  It looks like the
needles and what Moss calls the "air chamber & piston" (what the jet
attached to) might work on both types of carb.  Since the HIF carbs use a
spring to bias the needle to one side, I'm betting that the jet is already
centered.  Anybody know for sure ?????????????
What I'm trying to do is set my '74 up exactly the same way as the early
MGBs to duplicate their top end power and throttle response.  I'm not trying
to build a racer.  Would like to use the "fixed" needles because they're
shorter and provide full (.090) fuel flow at full air flow (the last three
needle stations).
Thanks in Advance,  Skip  '74 MGB

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