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Streetable and SOLO 2 performance tires... and rear ride

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Subject: Streetable and SOLO 2 performance tires... and rear ride
From: "Andrew B. Lundgren" <>
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 21:29:50 -0600
Mostly it seems that people are looking for happy go lucky all weather

I did last time too.  But I haven't had my B out in the snow for 5
years, and don't much like getting caught in the rain.  (Rain is not
warm in Colorado, it is COLD!)

I just started doing autocross racing.  
(Not in the B yet, just my Miata.  I still have some issues to work
through, the least of which is not my tire rub problem.)

I have spline drive alloys on now.  I currently have some "Road
Hugger", no idea who made them, tires I came into on my alloys.  They
are 185x70SR14s and they rub on both outside fenders. One worse than
the other.

I have eyeball measured with a tape measure the sectional width to be
about 7.5"-7.75"

So here are my questions:

If you have the alloy spline drive minilite style wheels (14x5.5") what
tires are you running?

What is the height of your car at the rear fender over the center of
the wheel to the ground?  (Mine are 22.25" and 22.75", if this is too
low, it seems like it could be part of my rub problem...)

I am thinking that I would like to get performance tires, but don't
know what to expect for a street life.

These are looking pretty tempting:


They are usable if you are caught in the rain, they say they stick good
on dry, but forget the snow.  For my uses that sounds good.  The wear
rate looks like it might be a little fast.

The tread pattern looks a little odd for hard surface use though.

They have a tight sectional width, that looks good.  I am thinking that
either the 185x65 or the 175x65 should fit under my car, as the
sectional width is nearly the same across the two.  

(I am a little leary of going larger on the spline drive alloys as the
current tires rub pretty bad.  I don't want drop $100 each on new tires
and have them rub too.)

Thanks In Advance!

Andrew Lundgren

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