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RE: minilite question

To: "Phil Vanner" <>, "Dodd, Kelvin"
Subject: RE: minilite question
From: Bob Shaw <>
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2002 20:41:29 -0500
At 12:56 PM -0500 10/3/2002, Phil Vanner wrote:
>A "Gibbonizer"...
>I guess I'm not the only one who still thinks of Ray every time I break out
>the Dremel.
>Phil Vanner
>'61 Midget (real Minilites)
>'74 Mini  (real light)
I imagine there are a few of who remember Dr. Gibbons for his gentle 
wit and wisdom. Just a common Missouri boy with uncommon common 
sense. I miss hearing about his adventures with Kerimt.
Bob Shaw
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